St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church

St. Paul, MN


St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church

St. Paul, MN


We are hopefully that many will be attending Easter services this Sunday, April 8thAs a reminder, if you are planning on taking Holy Communion, we highly request that you arrive at St Sava by 9:30am for Holy Confession. You must also remove any lip balm, lip gloss, lip stick from your lips before taking Holy Communion. Please keep the center and side aisles free and clear.  We also would like to remind all that will be attending the following:

  1. Enter the church with humility and meekness, so as to leave justified, as the humble publican of the Gospel.

  2. When you enter the temple and see the holy icons, think about the fact that the Lord Himself and all the Saints are looking at you; be particularly reverent and have the fear of God.

  3. Always come to the beginning of the service, if you are late, be careful not to disturb the prayer of those already there. If you come to church during the reading of the Gospel, stand at the entrance doors until the end of the reading: when it is finished, quietly go to your place.

  4. When you take your place in the church and others are standing nearby, greet them with a silent nod; never, even with close friends shake hands or ask any questions, be sincerely modest in church.  Beware of talking and laughing in church, for by this one shows disrespect of God and disturbs others. 

  5. Approach Holy Communion humbly and reverently, crossing your hands on your chest; with faith and love receive the Holy Mysteries of God; then, without crossing yourself, kiss the chalice, so as not to bump It accidentally, and quietly return to your place, and do not leave the church without listening to the thanksgiving prayers to the Lord God, after communion.

  6. You should not leave the church before the end of the service, unless there is an emergency; this indicates disrespect for the holiness of the church and is a sin before God.

Thank you for your understanding.  We hope to see you on Easter Sunday and every Sunday thereafter at St Sava.



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